With the addition of our Development Officer in July 2007, CABEL re-examined our Financial Literacy programs with regard to our target audiences and the economic conditions in our immediate vicinity.  As a result of our in-house analysis, we have expanded and fine-tuned our programs to reach a larger audience as well as ensure that the material presented is fully received by our participants – children, youth and adults of all ages.  Our programs have been developed using accepted national standards as well as information provided by several Federal agencies.  Our participants receive Financial Literacy Handbooks that they can use long after attending our classes as a relevant reference source.


• Financial Literacy Basics & Saving (Pre-K to 6 years)
• Financial Literacy Basics, Responsible Consumerism & Saving ( 6 to 8 years)
• Get with the Financial Smarts Program – You Can Do It! ( 9 to 24 years)
• Financial Literacy Building Blocks for a Financially Smart Future (14 to 24 years)
• Financial Literacy & Higher Education:  Researching Funding (15 to 24 years)
• Budget & Credit Know How (15 to 24 years)
• Financial Literacy Fundamentals for Incarcerated Population in Transition (Pilot)


• Get with the Financial Smarts Program – You Can Do It!
• Financial Literacy & Investing:  Preparing for a Secure Future
• Financial Literacy & Higher Education:  Helping You & Your Children
• Budget & Credit Know How
• Financial Literacy Fundamentals for Incarcerated Population in Transition (Pilot)
• Financial Literacy Fundamentals for Mentally Challenged/Handicapped Population


• Get with the Financial Smarts Program – You Can Do It!
• Financial Literacy & Higher Education: Helping You & Your Children and/or
• Budget & Credit Know How


OPULENCE™, an educational individual investment club, is a private membership club that takes a personal approach to the business of investing.  OPULENCE™ is comprised of people who want to increase, not only their net worth, but also their knowledge of the stock market through investing.  Together with the assistance and guidance of various financial advisors & services available, CABEL and OPULENCE™ members will use their own process of selecting stocks that will produce long-term profits.

MENTORING (Pilot Program Year Round)

CABEL will pair participants with Business/Financial Industry volunteers who will assist in cultivating Financial Literacy education as well as Leadership, Ethics, Life and Work skills development.

CABEL does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation.